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Keeping Your HVAC System Free and Clear

After our heater stopped working altogether last winter, we realized that it might be time to consult with a professional. We called a family friend who is also an HVAC contractor and he came out right away to see what he could do. After taking a look at things, he told us that our vents were almost completely blocked with dust and dirt. He recommended a vent cleaning company to come out and help, and they removed loads of debris the next day with specialized suction tools. After that, our HVAC system ran almost perfectly. This blog is all about the importance of keeping your HVAC system free, clear, and functional.

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Pros And Cons Of Ductless AC Systems

Do you go duct or ductless with your AC system? There are pros and cons to both your options. Ductless can seem like a lot less work, and most work through heat pumps to move the heat from one area to somewhere else. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of ductless HVAC systems.

Improve Energy Efficiency

When there are no ducts, air loss does not happen. The air blows straight into the room, which improves the energy efficiency.  One of the biggest benefits to you is the cost of using your system. The U.S. Energy Star program states that up to 30 percent of your home energy can be saved through the use of ductless systems. Because air loss is a thing of the past, it does not cost as much to force the cooler air through your home.

Quicker and Easier Installation

The installation process of duct systems take much longer, because the refrigerant needs to be installed at the same time. When it comes to ductless, all the hard work is done at the factory. This means all the professional contractor will need to do is place the air handler into the home by drilling a small hole through one of the external walls and then connect the handler and outdoor condenser to the conduit.

This leads to another cost benefit. Because the work takes less time, you don't need to spend as much for the contractor.

Clashes With the Home

Ductless systems are not the most visually appealing systems for all. In some cases, the systems clash with decors and can be obtrusive in some rooms. They tend to be larger and harder to hide compared to the more traditional units. While this is something to consider, you could get around this by moving furniture or changing your decor.

It is not just the indoors that will be affected. The piping will be placed outside the home, by drilling through an external wall. This can look unappealing for those who have a lot of visitors, and it could affect the value of the home due to this.

Lack of Universal Parts

You will usually need to go back to your original manufacturer should you have a problem with your system. This is due to a lack of universal parts. It could mean a higher cost in the future, if you have an issue outside of the warranty period.

Cost is a major factor when looking into ductless AC systems. There are certainly benefits due to the energy efficiency, but it is worth considering the long term costs if there is an issue. Contact an AC contractor, like Long Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more help.