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Keeping Your HVAC System Free and Clear

After our heater stopped working altogether last winter, we realized that it might be time to consult with a professional. We called a family friend who is also an HVAC contractor and he came out right away to see what he could do. After taking a look at things, he told us that our vents were almost completely blocked with dust and dirt. He recommended a vent cleaning company to come out and help, and they removed loads of debris the next day with specialized suction tools. After that, our HVAC system ran almost perfectly. This blog is all about the importance of keeping your HVAC system free, clear, and functional.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm While Waiting for Your Heating System to Be Repaired

In the middle of winter, having a broken home heating system can be much more than inconvenient—it can be dangerous for you and your family. Home heating repair technicians are usually able to provide fast repairs and also advise you and what you can do to stay warm if a replacement part is needed. Taking the following four steps will provide your home with much needed warmth, helping your family to stay safer and protecting your plumbing system from damage.

1. Insulate Your Windows - A little bit of plastic sheeting can work wonders when it is used to fully insulate each and every one of the windows in your home. Be sure that you close and lock your windows before applying an airtight seal using plastic sheeting around them. After they have been insulated, you shouldn't be able to feel any drafts or feel a drastic change in temperature when standing by your windows as opposed to other parts of your home.

2. Plug in Space Heaters - As long as the electricity is still working, space heaters are a practical and effective way to keep a home that needs heating repair services warm. Try using a space heater to keep the bedroom toasty as you sleep or in the living room while your relatives are home during the day. Although they can be used to keep your entire home comfortable, they are not nearly as efficient as a central home heating system that is in a good state of repair.

3. Seal All Visible Cracks - It might not seem like minuscule cracks would quickly make the temperature drop inside of your home, but spaces and gaps near the ceiling, by the windows, and next to you doors will make it impossible for you to stay warm while awaiting heating repairs. If you are capable of filling in the gaps inside of your home with caulk, you can prevent cold air from getting in and keep the temperature well regulated.

4. Stay Indoors - When you come in and out of your home, the heated air inside will escape with each trip that you and all other occupants make. If you can stay indoors as long as possible and limit the amount of trips that you make until all heating repair has been completed, you'll stay comfortable.

For more information about heating repairs and tips on how to stay warm in the meantime, talk to a company like Always Ready Repair.