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Keeping Your HVAC System Free and Clear

After our heater stopped working altogether last winter, we realized that it might be time to consult with a professional. We called a family friend who is also an HVAC contractor and he came out right away to see what he could do. After taking a look at things, he told us that our vents were almost completely blocked with dust and dirt. He recommended a vent cleaning company to come out and help, and they removed loads of debris the next day with specialized suction tools. After that, our HVAC system ran almost perfectly. This blog is all about the importance of keeping your HVAC system free, clear, and functional.

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3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Install Your New Furnace

If your home is in need of a new furnace, the fall season can be the ideal time to complete this home improvement project. Continue reading to learn more about how you can benefit from choosing to install your new furnace before the winter season officially arrives.

Make Sure Your Prepared

Weather can be unpredictable no matter what area of the country you live in. While you may not be anticipating the need to use your heater for several more months, an unexpected cold front can bring much cooler temperatures than expected during the fall season. By choosing to install your new furnace now, you can be sure that you are prepared regardless of what type of weather your area experiences. 

Take Advantage Of Off-Season Pricing

As with most products and services, you can expect the cost of a new furnace and installation services to continue to rise the closer it gets to peak season because, as the winter season approaches, the demand for these products and services will continue to rise. Choosing to install your new furnace before this rise in demand will ultimately allow you to score a much better price on the new heating system your home requires. 

Choosing to act during the off-season can also make it much easier to get an appointment date for the installation of your new furnace because your local heating contractors will not be as busy with service calls during this time. 

Address Your AC And Heating Needs At Once

Since the fall season is perfectly situated between the hot summer months and the frigid winter season, you will find that both heating and cooling systems are often available at a reduced price during this time. Consequently, the fall season is a great time to address all of your HVAC needs. Best of all, by choosing to combine the installation of a new AC and a new furnace, you will often be able to enjoy even more savings in the way of reduced labor costs since the installation of these two units shares many tasks in common. 

The Bottom Line

Waiting until winter arrives to consider furnace installation can leave you in the cold if the temperatures in your area begin to drop earlier than expected. You are also likely to find yourself paying considerably more for your new heating system if you choose to wait. With these facts in mind, it is easy to see why fall is the perfect time to reach out to a local HVAC contractor to schedule the installation of your new furnace.