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Keeping Your HVAC System Free and Clear

After our heater stopped working altogether last winter, we realized that it might be time to consult with a professional. We called a family friend who is also an HVAC contractor and he came out right away to see what he could do. After taking a look at things, he told us that our vents were almost completely blocked with dust and dirt. He recommended a vent cleaning company to come out and help, and they removed loads of debris the next day with specialized suction tools. After that, our HVAC system ran almost perfectly. This blog is all about the importance of keeping your HVAC system free, clear, and functional.

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4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Duct Repair

When an air conditioning unit starts to fail, most people assume it's time to replace the unit. However, there are times when the AC needs minor repairs to restore its effectiveness. One problem that requires AC repairs is dirty or failing duct. Ducts are what blow out cool air from the AC to other parts of your house, and if they develop an issue, they might make most of the air get lost. Here are signs that the problem with your air conditioning is duct-related.

1. Improper Cooling

A properly functioning air conditioning system will evenly cool your home. That means all the territories in your home will generally have the same temperature level. However, if you notice uneven cooling of the space, this is a reason to be concerned. The disparity in the temperature levels is mostly due to a leak in the ducts. When you have leaks in your cooling unit, air will exit through them, reducing the amount of cool air flowing into your house.

2. Dirty Vents

Vents are designed to force cool air out of the unit to lower the temperature in your house. But if the air is dirty, it will leave some debris and dust around vents. So, over time, your vent will look messy. If you notice these issues, it is vital to examine the ducts and determine if they cause the problem.

3. Noisy Operation

Though air conditioning systems are not entirely quiet, most systems produce insignificant sound when running. The noise is usually low and might go unnoticed if you are not keen. But if the sound coming out of your unit is annoying or too loud, then this is something you should not ignore. Mostly, the loud noise might be from the ducts due to loose joints, damage, or even holes where the air is running out. When this happens, it is time to have your ducts changed.

4. Pest Problem

Another sign that you need to change your ducts is noticing pests coming out of any part of the AC system. Damaged or dented ducts have holes that allow pests to settle and even start breeding. They might even establish large colonies that take over the system. Besides, when you have pests in your home, you will get issues like unpleasant smells, spreading bacteria, and strange noises coming from the unit. So, if you notice such problems, call the repair experts to inspect your unit and fix the problem.

Fixing the ducts has numerous risks, so it is not a DIY project. Therefore, it is best to call in a qualified AC contractor to inspect your ducts and fix issues affecting them. The professionals will know the best way to handle the situation within the shortest time possible while observing relevant safety measures.

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