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Keeping Your HVAC System Free and Clear

After our heater stopped working altogether last winter, we realized that it might be time to consult with a professional. We called a family friend who is also an HVAC contractor and he came out right away to see what he could do. After taking a look at things, he told us that our vents were almost completely blocked with dust and dirt. He recommended a vent cleaning company to come out and help, and they removed loads of debris the next day with specialized suction tools. After that, our HVAC system ran almost perfectly. This blog is all about the importance of keeping your HVAC system free, clear, and functional.

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Breathe Easy: The Role of Air Conditioning in Indoor Air Quality

Clean air has become a topic of interest in recent years, especially since we spend more of our time indoors than ever before. The quality of the air we breathe indoors can be affected by several factors, including pollutants, allergens, and relative humidity. One way to maintain good indoor air quality is through the efficient use of air conditioning systems. Keep reading to learn about the role of air conditioning in indoor air quality and provide tips on how to maintain a healthy living environment.

How Air Conditioning Works

Air conditioning systems are meticulously crafted to effectively cool indoor spaces while ensuring optimal ventilation. They work by circulating refrigerant through a closed system, which absorbs and transfers heat from the indoor air to the outdoor environment. As the refrigerant absorbs heat, it undergoes a transformation from a liquid state to a gaseous state. It is then pumped back outside, releasing the heat and returning to its liquid form once again. The air conditioning system also filters the indoor air, removing pollutants and allergens.

Importance of Air Conditioning in Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioning systems have a crucial role in upholding indoor air quality. They help to manage indoor relative humidity levels, which can affect the growth of mold and dust mites. High humidity levels can also make the air feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Air conditioning systems also filter the indoor air, removing dust, pet dander, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By removing these pollutants, air conditioning systems provide clean and healthy indoor air for occupants to breathe.

Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning Systems

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that air conditioning systems continue to provide clean and healthy indoor air, regular maintenance is essential. The following are some tips for maintaining air conditioning systems:

  • Change air filters regularly
  • Clean the air conditioning unit and ducts
  • Check and adjust the thermostat settings
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating efficiently and effectively.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System to Improve Indoor Air Quality

When selecting an air conditioning system, there are several factors to consider that can impact indoor air quality. One of the most important factors is the size and capacity of the unit, which should be matched to the size of the indoor space. An incorrectly sized unit can lead to inefficient operation and poor indoor air quality. Another factor to consider is the type of air filter used in the unit, as some are more effective than others.

Reach out to an air conditioning contractor to learn more.